Mind Electronic Appliances Co.,Ltd. has three business units: Optoelectronics, Thermal System and Electrical System
There are more than 7400 employees, in which more than 800 engineers included.
The sales revenue in 2017 reached 7 Billion CNY.
There are 7 production bases and 4 R&D centers in Baoding, Xushui, Tianjin and Shanghai with the total covered area more than 210,000 m².
Along with the business expansion of the company, new production bases in Chongqing and East China are in preparation.
With the mission of comfortable driving, connected word and illuminate future, Mind Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. devotes itself in developing trendy, intelligent, green and safe product to be a company best in class of electrical system and OEM preferred partner.

E-MAIL: dqmk@mind-ea.cn ADD.: No. 299, Chaoyang North Street, Baoding, Hebei Province

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